Noreen’s Case


Noreen Anne Greenley (b. May 16, 1950)

Disappeared on September 14, 1963, aged 13.

The evening of her disappearance, Noreen Greenley was bowling at the Liberty Bowl on Baseline Rd, Bowmanville, with her friend, Bonnie Wilkins, and Bonnie’s boyfriend, Gary Woolner. After bowling, they went to Sam’s Restaurant (14 Division St.) and then on to Bonnie’s house at the corner of Waverly Rd and King St./Hwy 2 (now “Old” King St, since Hwy 2 was later re-routed further north). Bonnie reported to police and the newspapers that she and Gary wanted to spend time alone, so Noreen left to catch the 11:30 PM westbound bus for home at the stop across the street (again, at the corner of Waverly & King St/Hwy 2). After waiting a short time, Noreen returned to the Wilkins house, spoke more with Bonnie before leaving again to catch the bus.

She did not catch the bus and was not seen again after leaving the Wilkins house the second time.

A Ford Prefect or Renault automobile was reported by a neighbour in the vicinity of the bus stop around the same time, occupied by a man in a fedora. Noreen’s sister, Joyce, encountered the same vehicle around the same time that night on Holt Rd, near the Greenley family home, speeding by her and a friend. The two reported hearing a scream from the car, suspected to have been Noreen. Noreen’s father and brother attempted to follow the car, but could not locate it, unaware Noreen may have been inside.

A massive search took place in the days following Noreen’s disappearance, which turned up no trace of her.

The Greenley family has never lost hope that they would one day learn the truth about what happened to Noreen. Durham Regional Police continues to list the case file as open.

Assembled on the Archive page is a collection of articles and items gathered from regional newspapers, covering Noreen’s appearances in the local news before she went missing, as well as the media coverage in the days, weeks and months following the last time she was seen that fateful September night, and news coverage of her case in the years since. The family invites you to look through the Archives, to glimpse Noreen Greenley’s life and the aftermath of her disappearance in the hopes that something triggers a memory or a detail long overlooked. Even the smallest clue could ultimately lead to a resolution of the case. We also welcome fresh eyes, observations and insights.

Since her disappearance in 1963, the Greenley family has been desperate to found out what happened to 13 year old Noreen.

“Bring Noreen Home” is a fundraising initiative by the family to raise money for a private investigator and to continue the campaign of public awareness surrounding the case.

Visit the “Archive” for newspaper features and articles published over the years.

There are two ways you can help bring Noreen Greenley home, through one or both of the following…

To help support the campaign and the hiring of a Private Investigator, you can donate by clicking the PayPal Button below and you will receive a gift certificate donated by Baton Rouge Restaurant in Whitby (redeemable there). The Greenley Family appreciates any amount you can give and thanks you for your kindness and generosity!

Make a Donation Button


The Greenley family is also looking to fund a reward through donations. The reward would go to the person or persons providing key or vital information leading to a resolution of Noreen’s case, either through learning what happened to her beyond a reasonable doubt or, if possible, to an arrest and conviction of the party or parties responsible for her disappearance. You will receive a gift certificate donated by Baton Rouge Restaurant in Whitby (redeemable there).

Note: The reward amount is dependant on donations received. Payment of any reward is dependant on the merits of the information received and the outcome leading from the information provided.

To donate to the Reward Fund, please click the button below. The Greenley Family appreciates any amount you can give and thanks you for your kindness and generosity!

Donate Button with Credit Cards


If you have any information related to this case, please do not hesitate to contact Durham Regional Police: 1 (888) 579-1520, Crimestoppers: 1 (800) 222 TIPS [8477], or 1 (866) KID TIPS [543-8477]

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