A Walk To Remember Noreen


Date: Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM
Start Location: 30 Baseline Rd E (site of the old Liberty Bowl bowling alley)

The Greenley Family is organizing a walk for Noreen. We will be tracking Noreen’s final steps that she took the evening she disappeared. Our “Walk to Remember for Noreen Anne Greenley” will commence at the site of the Old Liberty Bowl on Baseline Road, continue downtown to the location where Sam’s Restaurant once stood, on to Bonnie Wilkins’ old home on Waverly Road and we will finish our journey at the location where the old bus stop once stood, where Noreen Anne Greenley disappeared.

We are hoping this walk will possibly jar some memories of that tragic evening and to share priceless memories of Noreen. We are hoping to draw public awareness from this walk to help our family continue our search to find Noreen and to bring her home Both Metroland News and KX96 FM will be covering the walk, helping to continue spreading the word aboout Noreen’s case!

Phoenix Transportation will be generously providing a bus to accompany the walk. Participants now have the option to walk the route or ride on the bus next to the group as we travel the route Noreen and Bonnie took home that fateful night. It will also return us all to Memorial Park for the reception picnic.

We cannot park at the school lot where we’re meeting at the site of the old Liberty Bowl, however we ARE able to park at the following locations:
– At Memorial Park
– On the east side of Duke St. next to Memorial Park
– All the side streets east of Duke St.
– On Wharf St.

Reception Picnic:
To celebrate Noreen’s life, the family has secured Memorial Park on Liberty St., around the corner from our start point at the old Liberty Bowl site. After the walk, the bus will take us there for the picnic reception, where there will be live music by Mike Edwards & Company, and food:

Pizza from Jim’s Wings & Pizza
Hotdogs ( dogs from M&M Meat Shop and buns from Dempster’s)

Baton Rouge Restaurant has donated a number of gift certificates for sale to raise money for the hiring of a private investigator, so they will be sold at the picnic after the walk.



2 thoughts on “A Walk To Remember Noreen

  1. I was a classmate of Noreen’s at central public school. We all joined in a search for her. To this day I still think of Noreen and what a sad shock it was. She was loads of fun to be around; and I will never forget her. Reid Allin

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